patagonian-mara-e28093-aka-patagonian-cavyDolichotis patagona

Also known as the Patagonian cavy, this large rodent is one of the world’s few monogamous mammals. Its head and body length is up to 75 cm, and it weighs between nine and 16 kg.

Home Range

Central and southern Argentina


Arid grasslands


Grasses and any other vegetation


Maras may produce three or four litters (usually two young) per year.

Social Structure

Maras are monogamous (they mate for life).

Fun Fact

Patagonian maras are in the Family Caviidae, which includes cavies and guinea pigs. These South American rodents have stocky bodies, three sharp-clawed digits on the hind feet, and four digits of the forefeet. Maras resemble long-legged rabbits. —