lycosidae-godeffroyi-e28093-also-known-as-the-wolf-spiderThe wolf spiders belong to the Lycosidae family and consists of several species. The one described here is the Lycosidae godeffroyi. This wolf spider is typically found in suburban areas of Australia and is commonly known as the garden wolf spider.

An effective wandering spider

The godeffroyi wolf spider is a wanderer and from time to time it build small burrows - else it resides in the open vegetation. It’s a very robust and agile spider. It is able to hunt in the open and it locates its prey by sight. Eyes of all wolf spiders are arranged in three rows and this makes up the first line of identification when looking at a spider suspected to be a wolf spider.

For healthy people a bite from a wolf spider isn’t deadly. A bite causes local itching and in rare cases swelling and dizziness. For security reasons it is the best to seek medical treatment following a bite from Wolf Spider.

It’s not only the venom that matters - a bite from a spider is often followed by a bacterial infection which can be more dangerous than the bite itself. — Inspired by