giraffe-weevil-a-long-neck-insectGiven the name, you might think that the giraffe weevil is a very large insect, but that is not the case. The name says more about the relative length of the bugs neck than about its height or body weight.

The insects live in warm climates where their diets consist of plant tissues, seeds and leaves. That may not sound particularly appetizing to you and me, but the bug is an herbivore, which means it chooses to feed on grass and other plants products.

The weevil, Trachelophorus giraffe, belongs to the order Coleoptera and to the family Curculionidae. Its name is derived from an extended neck that looks very similar to the neck of the common giraffe. The New Zealand insect can reach as much as three inches in length, making it one of the longest known weevils.

The neck plays a role in the courtship routine of the weevil. The male uses its long neck to roll and secure a leaf-tube nest. The neck of the male is much longer than that of the female. Once the courtship is completed, the male and female mate, producing one egg that is laid in the leaf nest.

A single egg means that this species is not able to increase its numbers as quickly as other organisms that lay many eggs. —