Sep 15

Anaconda - Biggest Snake in the World

Anaconda - Biggest Snake in the WorldLive up to the hype, the biggest snake in the world is the Anaconda. Capture One sample weight at 500 lbs-that’s a lot of snake! They are not the longest snake, however. The Python reticulatus reticulated python or reach lengths of 33 feet.

Aug 25

Spiders: The Black Widow Spider (Latrodectus spp.)

Spiders. The Black Widow Spider (Latrodectus spp.)The black widow spider (Latrodectus spp.) is a spider notorious for its neurotoxic venom. It is a large widow spider found throughout the world and commonly associated with urban habitats or agricultural areas. Although the common name ‘black widow spider’ is most commonly used to refer to the three North American species best known for their dark coloration and red hourglass pattern, it is occasionally also applied to several other members of the Latrodectus (widow spider) genus in which there are 31 recognized species including the Australian red-back, brown widow spider (sometimes called the gray widow), and the red widow spider. Continue Reading »

Apr 11

Goliath Tiger Fish – The African Monster Fish

goliath-tiger-fish-e28093-the-african-monster-fishGoliath tiger fish, such as the one seen above, are among the uniquely adapted “monster fish” of the Congo River, which winds through several African countries A recent, unprecedented river run on the Congo yielded a raft of new discoveries, including different species–some potentially new–in nearly every nook and cranny, scientists announced this week. Continue Reading »

Apr 11

Chain Eel – a.k.a. Chainlink Moray Eel

chain-eel-e28093-aka-chainlink-moray-eelThe Chain Moray Eel, also known as the Chainlink Moray Eel, or simply, the Chain Eel, has a white to yellow body with handsome brown, black, or gray chain markings. Continue Reading »

Apr 11

Latrodectus Rhodesiensis – First Time Seen in Zimbabwe

latrodectus-rhodesiensis-e28093-first-time-seen-in-zimbabweLatrodectus rhodesiensis was originally described from Zimbabwe. They are usually paler in colour and their egg sacs are distinct in being larger and having a more fluffy appearance. They have been recorded from Zimbabwe and also small areas in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and the Limpopo Province. Continue Reading »

Apr 11

Latrodectus geometricus – also known as the Brown Widow


Female: about 12-16 mm (> 0.5 inch) long (body length only, not including legs)
Male: much smaller, 6-8 mm (about half the body length of a female) but with longer legs. Continue Reading »

Apr 11

Latrodectus cinctus – also known as the African Black Widow Spider

latrodectus-cinctus-e28093-also-known-as-the-african-black-widow-spiderThe first record of the African black widow spider, Latrodectus cinctus Blackwall, 1865 (= L. indistinctus Pickard-Cambridge, 1904) from Liberia is presented. Continue Reading »

Apr 11

Latrodectus Indistinctus – the Timid Black Button Spider

latrodectus-indistinctus-e28093-the-timid-black-button-spiderThey are nocturnal, web-living spiders. Button spiders are very timid, usually retreating when disturbed or dropping to the ground and playing dead. Continue Reading »

Apr 11

Argiope aurantia – also known as Yellow Garden Spider

argiope-aurantia-e28093-also-known-as-yellow-garden-spiderThe yellow garden spider, also known as Argiope aurantia is most abundant from the end of July to mid September. They produce huge orb webs and hangs in their webs with their head down waiting for prey. Continue Reading »

Apr 11

Lycosidae godeffroyi – also known as the Wolf Spider

lycosidae-godeffroyi-e28093-also-known-as-the-wolf-spiderThe wolf spiders belong to the Lycosidae family and consists of several species. The one described here is the Lycosidae godeffroyi. This wolf spider is typically found in suburban areas of Australia and is commonly known as the garden wolf spider. Continue Reading »

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